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Marc DURET, Marc DURET spotlight

Marc has worked with top directors like Luc Besson, Mathieu Kassovitz, Yann Kounen, Volker Schlöndorff, Fred zinnemann, Michael Haneke, Remy Watehouse, Claude Chabrol, Tom Fontana,  Ronald D Moore or Metin Hüseyin...

Graduate from the National Dramatic Art Conservatory of Paris, Marc has pushed the gates of the Rose Brudford college (UK) and the Stella Adler Conservatory in New York City. 

Revealed by Luc Besson in “the Big Blue”, Cesar nominated for his performance in “Nikita”, Marc traces his way through films like :"Heroin" G. Krawczick, “Hatred” M. Kassovitz or ”Doberman”  Y. Kounen.

In Italy he is “Martino” in Tonino Zangardi’s “Getaway of love” and guest in “Il Comisario Maltese” Rai 1. 

He shoots International Series as :“The man who lived at the Ritz” (NBC), “Star Hunter” (Canal+), “Dalziel & Pascoe” (BBC) Tom Fontana’s “The Philanthropist“» (NBC) & “Borgia“ (Canal +) where he plays the machiavelic Cardinal G. Briconnet.

He then becomes the comical epicuran Minister Jo Duvernay in Ronald D Moore - Metin Hüseyin : “Outlander”.

He portrays “Miltiades” in ancient greek for ARTE. And “Napoleon - A Russian campaign”, a prestige Documentary/Fiction directed by Fabrice Hourlier. 

In the movies, he is directed by Fred Zinnemann ”Five days one summer”. Gėrard Krawczyk “Héroïne”, (International critic nomination), Michael Haneke “Code Unknown” with Juliette Binoche, Rémy Waterhouse “Mille Millièmes”, Volker Schlöndorff “The Ogre” with John Malkovitch, "The third Day" B. Stora - Claude Chabrol.

On stage, he is “Cyrano”, “Angelo Tyran of Padova“, “Trigorine” in “The Seagul”, then “Bent”, ”Six Characters in search of an author”, “Two Gents of Verona” (NYSU). J.C. Cotillard hires him for “All men are born Ego”. He is “Alcacer” in Montherland’s “Dom Juan”, then “Europe“, S. Loïc, “Juste La Fin Du Monde”, J.C. Lagarce - J. Jouanneau. 

Marc also participates in readings with the “Moving Parts Theater Group” directed by   Stephanie Campion.

On screen, Marc will star as Jacques Brillon de Jouy alongside Michael Douglas and Ludivine Sagnier in the series Franklin, to be broadcast from 12 April 2024 on APPLE TV+.

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